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PowerSchool ID Creation

Step 1: Enter your current sign in information

Enter your Username and Password

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Create an Account

Create a parent account that allows you to view all of your students with one account. You can also manage your account preferences. Learn more.

Returning Parents: Bay Village City Schools is happy to announce that we will be implementing the Ecollect program for parents within PowerSchool. Ecollect will give parents the ability to access forms and verify information via your Parent Portal in PowerSchool.

Step 1: Login to your Parent Portal Account

Step 2: Click on the Ecollect Forms link on the left side navigation bar.

Step 3: Click on Form A - Parent/Guardian/Emergency Information Form

Step 4: Click on the PENCIL icon to the right of your account to edit your information - you can use the ADD button to add additional contacts in the order that you would like to be contacted by the school district.

Step 5: Use the checkboxes under “Apply this list of contacts to:” on the lower left to connect all your students to your contact information.

Step 6: Be sure to click SUBMIT - you will get a pop up box that says THANK YOU if you are successful, and the next form we would like you to update will appear.